Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rhory Camille: Month Four

Time is moving much too fast for our baby girl! How is she already four months?! It has been so fun for Josh and I to watch her grow and change and learn month by month. She has surely brought much joy in to our lives.

She has recently discovered laughing, which is absolutely adorable. She only laughs on occasion and usually when I blow strawberries on her belly, or rub my head on her belly. She loves to talk and chew on just about anything - teething is on full force but who knows when that first tooth will pop through! Whenever Josh or I look at her she is full of smiles which just melts us in to a puddle of mush.

Celebrating 2015 and the New Year was so much fun! She decided she would stay awake and join in the midnight festivities and watch the fireworks. They didn't seem to phase her one way or the other and once we headed home she fell asleep and didn't wake up until 9:30 the next morning! It was fantastic. Christmas with a baby is so much fun, but also so very bittersweet for us. As more time goes on the more we learn about all we have missed out on with Sawyer. She is even sitting up (well, practicing the skill) and would much rather be sitting up to see everything than laying back. Our first family vacation was this month, too, and even though she is just four months old it was so much fun! She won't remember a thing, but we sure will. Rhory is probably one of the happiest babies pretty much all of the time and is very go with the flow.

Here are a few pictures of month four:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rhory Camille: Month Three!

Growing like a weed - that best describes Rhory these days! I love seeing her change and grow and learn new things. She has even started sitting up in her boppy pillow. She much prefers "standing" or sitting up than laying down so she can look around and see what's going on. She is still sleeping in her crib at night and most nights makes it from between 7-8 until we get to my moms at 6:45 before work. Unless she is extremely tired she is a pretty happy baby! She is our true definition of joy through the pain. She loves visiting her big brother and even got to take him his Christmas tree! 

Here are some pictures of Rhorys third month of life!