Thursday, October 1, 2015


I absolutely cannot believe it! Our baby girl is ONE!! 

Of course we had a kitty cat themed party for her - more pictures to come! She has restored so much joy to our family and we are so thankful for her every day!

At one year old she is:
-saying mama, dada, kitty, meow, and eat
-she took her first steps on her birthday!
-she loves her kitty cats and chases them around the house
-she loves to giggle 
-she loves any food we put in front of her, really, anything!
-mandarin oranges are her favorite 
-she is slightly anemic so we are working on that
-she likes to kiss her baby dolls and give them hugs
-she isn't much for snuggling but we do get hugs occasionally! 
-she weighs 18 pounds and is almost 30 inches tall
-no more bottle, only soppy cups
-whole milk!
-haven't introduced juice yet
-she wears bows less frequently because she always tries to take them off and put them back on with great frustration ha 
-she loves the outdoors!

We are so overwhelmed with love for her and again, are thankful daily!  

Rhory Camille: Eleven Months

Well, I am way behind on this! Rhory turned 11 months on August 4, and a lot happened during her 11th month of life! She had her first trip to the beach, found out she would be a big sister, and mommy went back to work! Lots of changes that she handled like a champ. I am so thankful for an easy going baby who rolls with the craziness that is our life. She started saying mama and dada a lot during this month and pulling up a good amount, but no real steps. My dad predicted it would be soon, though!

I'll post a collage of her 11 month pictures soon but for now I am glad to have the post done!