Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rhory: 36 weeks

I cannot even believe I am 9 months pregnant and less than 3 weeks from meeting this precious baby! I will post my weekly pictures later on in this post. 

The plan right now is to stick to our scheduled c-section on September 4, BUT if she decides to come early I will attempt a VBAC. Dr. Pohl and I both feel confident that if I go in to labor on my own before the csection then it would be an okay idea to try to have a vaginal delivery. If it comes to be September 4, I will go ahead with the csection because of what happened with labor with Sawyer. Due to his heart issues I was induced at 38 weeks, in labor for 24 hours, and got stuck at 9 cm with him showing now signs of really being ready - which led to the csection. I do not want to be induced again, and even if I was it would have to be monitored closely and I'm just fearful of the same thing happening again and would rather skip all of that and have the csection on the 4th if my body wasn't ready. 

My fingers are crossed she comes early on her own. At my appointment Dr. Pohl checked me and said that her head is engaged, and I am 50% effaced. He said that was typical for 35, almost 36 weeks. I never showed even signs of getting ready with Sawyer so I was happy to hear that! All of my NSTs and BPPs (each week) have looked great! She is a little ninja and is always moving :)

As time gets closer I find myself getting more and more anxious. I am ready for her to get here but not ready all at the same time! Life is pretty busy so that is keeping me distracted. Rhory's birth and arrival is going to be an unexplainable amount of emotions. I have tried to run through them in my head but there is no way I can really be prepared. Someone asked me how I was doing the other day and I told them that I was on both ends of the emotional spectrum, which is so strange. I always wondered if anyone could be happy and sad at the same time - and I am living proof that it happens. It makes me think of the movie A Walk to Remember where she wants to be in two states at once so he drives her to the state line and has her straddle the line so she can be in two places at once. On one side I am so thrilled/excited/overjoyed that our sweet girl will be here soon! We are so ready for her and so thankful for another blessing from the Lord. On the other side I am so sad that her big brother isn't here to meet her. You see all of the pictures from the hospital when a family has their second child and they introduce them to the older sibling, and we just won't get that. It hurts my heart that she will never meet him this side of Heaven. So there you have it, if you were wondering how I am doing - I am both happy and sad at the same time and I am still working on figuring out how that could be. We are so thankful for those of you continuing to pray for our hearts, especially over these next few weeks! Here is my favorite verse I have been clinging to this week:

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

God has already gone before us, and His plan for her arrival is PERFECT!

Alright, on to my weekly pictures and pregnancy fun facts :) (I also have a blog post in the works for my baby showers... that will come at some point, ha!)

Fun Pregnancy Information
How far along: 36 weeks! (and 3 days when this was posted!)

Total weight gain: My net gain is 1 pound. I can't seem to gain any weight and it has been pretty concerning to me. I ask Dr. P about it at every appointment but Rhory is growing right on schedule and my fundal height is perfect so he told me to stop worrying.
Maternity clothes: Yep!

Stretch marks: A few more around my belly button.My belly button has definitely made its way OUT!

Sleep: Pretty much non-existent, but that is okay! The other night I slept on the couch because I could NOT get comfortable in the bed at all.

Best moment of this week/month: All of the baby showers, seeing the 3D images of our sweet girl, and getting the nursery organized, oh- and packing my hospital bag!

Miss anything:Sleeping on my stomach!

Movement: ALL THE TIME, I call her my ninja!

Food cravings: Dessert, I still want dessert. We went to Kroger tonight and I wanted strawberries and grapes. Guess which two fruits they were out of? Yep, those. LAME! Also, chicken fries. If you haven't heard - they are back at Burger King!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still hit or miss, last night I couldn't finish the chicken strip sandwich from Sonic because it was not sitting right.

Have you started to show yet: Yes!

Gender: Girl!

I'll keep you all updated on Rhory's impending arrival! I have another two appointments this week, as usual. Countdown is at 18 days (or sooner!).

Until next time,